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Three critical areas for your personal growth

You want to make positive change in your life: I want to help you. Based on my own areas of expertise and extensive life experience, I focus on helping you in three critical areas of your life. These are...


You want to feel better, you want to feel more body-confidence. You want more energy to help you smash all your other goals in life. You want to lose weight, get stronger, get fitter, and badass your body.

I can help you. I've done it, transformed my own health, after 20 years of yo-yo dieting I lost 101 pounds of fat (46 kilos, or 7 stone 3), built 25 pounds of muscle, got fit and cured my own chronic health problems. I can help you to do the same.

Health, fitness, more energy, weight loss, reverse chronic disease, body transformation, resist the signs of ageing, I can help you hit those goals.

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Wealth creation

If there is any one area of life that seems to occupy so much of our adult attention, it's our financial strength. Money can't buy you either happiness or love, but it can sure buy you help, options and time freedom.

Maybe you need help escaping the trap of consumer debt. Perhaps you have always been good at earning it, but not very good at keeping it. Possibly you need help in all areas - earning it, keeping it, clearing debts and creating wealth that works for you, growing as you get older.

Let's talk in confidence and explore how we can work together to create future financial security for you and your family.

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Business growth

You want to break free, you want out of the rat race, you want to start your own business but need a guiding hand to help you find your way. 

You already run your own business but it's long hours and tiring, you can't see the way forward to growth, you want to own your business, not have your business own you.

I've done it, I went from the factory floor to Managing Director, from minimum wage as a machine operative, to substantial six figure income. I refuse to be 'just a number' - to me business means fun, creativity, individuality. I'm proudly different, disruptive, innovative and I believe business should be richly rewarding.

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Let's talk.

If you are ready to take action on making your life better, then we need to talk and get things moving.

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My personal ethos

Personally, I've been a student of personal development for two decades, and in that time I have spent over £106,000 ($141k) of my own hard-earned money on seminars, online courses, coaches, training, books, home-study courses and more. I have flown around the world to attend seminars and conferences and had coaches to help me make forward progress in key areas of my life.

My personal philosophy has always been this: I don't take advice from anyone who hasn't done it themselves. What does that mean? Well, I won't take weight loss advice from someone who is grossly overweight, and I won't take weight loss advice from someone who has always been slim and healthy. That person doesn't truly know what it feels like to wrestle with their weight for decades, the emotions and psychology behind obesity, and what it takes to turn it around and create a new future.

Optimise yourself

In the same vein, I won't take wealth creation advice from someone who isn't wealthy, or relationship advice from someone who is single and lonely! You see, it's just a case of saying "Have you done it? Do you know what you are talking about?" If someone is trying to sell me "How to be a millionaire" advice - they had better be a self-made millionaire! I don't care what academic qualifications you have, tell me what life experience you have - show me your results! Results are everything to me!

By that rationale, I want to help you with those areas of life I have experience and results myself - based on all I learned in my own personal health transformation; in building successful (and unsuccessful) businesses; in making and investing money; as a qualified Personal Trainer; a certified Small Business Coach; as a property investor; and as a husband and father to three kids.

Face your truth

My coaching style is very direct. The ethos I have described above forms the basis of how I hold myself to account, and I encourage my clients to face the mirror of life too and take stock of their own life results.

There is an old truth in business that says "you can't manage what you can't measure" and so we measure life by our results, we make an honest appraisal of where you are, we discuss where you want to be, we create goals and plans to bridge the gap between the two, and then we work together as a team to get you there. I give you support, strategies, guidance and accountability, all tailored to meet your individual needs.

"Karl, you've taught me so much over these last 6 years. Thank you for being a constant reminder of my quest to be fit, healthy, and successful."

– Mr B, California, USA

"In my life I have been privileged to have many top class coaches and mentors in sport, business, lifestyle. Karl is the best. It is like having a caring fun and very smart big brother supporting you in all areas you identify. Health? Karl has got your back. Business, he has got your back and will help you earn more. Lifestyle, he listens and helps protect your spirit and wellness. Finances? Karl has practiced approaches to increasing net worth. Above all this though I am proud to call Karl a true trusted friend."

- Mr H, North West

"It feels so awesome to take control of your life!"

– Mr Edwards, Wales

"The course affected my subconscious I think - which is amazing! I'm working harder, saving money properly, and upped my income streams by two."

- Mr J, Liverpool

"Karl was absolutely incredible, I have never seen a human being have so much energy and then some! When you see the guy in the flesh it’s impossible to question what he teaches!"

- Mr B, Herts

"That was a life changing workshop. So glad Karl Whitfield made the journey to come here!"

– Ms P, UK

"Karl you are so motivational, and it is so refreshing to hear the truth shouted in my face!"

- Catherine, London

"You get me out of my stuckness. That’s what you do. You don’t do a one-size fits all approach. You get me to find out what it is I really want."

- Chris, Germany

"He’s changed my life I can tell you!!"

- Mrs W, Staffs

"Karl gets me training even when I don't feel like it, and I always feel better for doing so! Some good giggles along the way too!"

- Ms C, PT client

Empowering your best self

Get in touch today and let's talk, let's see how we can work together to help you reach your life goals.


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